First-time-buyer, first-time-landlord

Able to borrow at 75% LTV to purchase an investment property in London, with a complex breakdown of deposit monies.


The borrower wished to purchase the property to be used as an investment as he believed it would appreciate in value by 4.5% each year with the market inflation as well as the works he planned to undertake. He planned to sell the property in due course and after clearing the finance outstanding, use the capital to purchase a residential property for his family.


Not only did the applicant have no mortgage conduct nor professional landlord experience, his deposit came from a number of sources, some of which being equity in a property sold by relatives. The rental figure was down valued on the report, and as there was no passing rent for the lender to consider, this was successfully appealed to ensure the full loan was achievable.


Our Brightstar fee was paid, and the case was processed right the way through to completion within 38 days which was beneficial to the client to secure a very competitive specialist rate during the mini-budget and rate withdrawals of late 2022. This included the facilitation of a full valuation and separate representation conveyancing process.


Subject to status. Product and criteria availability is subject to change or withdrawal at any time. For intermediaries only.


Commission paid to introducer