Complex self-build project

Achieved on a first charge residential mortgage using the borrower’s directorship income for affordability at 50% LTV


The introducer presented to us the challenging scenario of their clients wanting to knock down their existing residence after it was partially destroyed in a fire, and borrow as much as possible with the income that they jointly had on an interest only basis.


They wished to rebuild their residence whilst renovating the remaining fire-damaged portion of the land which was Grade 2 listed. The company in question where the income was being generated had only newly been incorporated and derived from a dormant company with the same structure, however this did not affect the lenders’ view of the income .


The lender which was selected used a generous income multiple of the applicant’s latest years’ salary, dividends as well as their retained profits which were supported by an accountant reference to allow maximum borrowing for the clients who originally believed the amount they could borrow would be lower than we were able to achieve.


Subject to status. Product and criteria availability is subject to change or withdrawal at any time. For intermediaries only.

Commission paid to introducer